As a engineer I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I've been speaking at conferences and meetups for a few years now. I've also been lucky enough to be able to work at a university for a few years, where I was able to teach web development professionally. If you want me to speak at your event, please get in touch through email.

Upcoming Events

Currently I have no events scheduled.

Past Events

Here's a list of all the talks I've given so far

  • 2022, June 10


    10 things I learnt building a globally-distributed headless CMS

    Talk Dornbirn, Austria Website Video
  • 2020, February 23

    JS World Conference

    Sky’s the limit: Headless eCommerce with Next.js

    Talk Remote Website
  • 2020, October 29


    CSS Houdini - Painting the Web

    Meetup Remote Website Slides
  • 2020, July 24


    Practical Web Animation

    Workshop Remote Website
  • 2019, November 08

    Mobile Era

    Mobile Web Animation

    Talk Oslo, Norway Website Slides
  • 2019, October 25


    Practical Web Animation

    Talk Linz, Austria Website Video Slides
  • 2019, June 07

    Pixel Pioneers

    Practical Web Animation

    Talk Bristol, UK Website Video Slides
  • 2019, March 21

    Javascript Days

    Practical Web Animation

    Workshop Munich, Germany Website
  • 2019, November 08


    Practical Web Animation

    Talk Brighton, UK Website Video Slides
  • 2018, October 19


    Native Web Animation

    Talk Hamburg, Germany Website Slides
  • 2018, September 29


    Native Web Animation

    Talk Augsburg, Germany Website Slides
  • 2018, June 09


    From Pen & Paper to Delightful SVG Animations

    Talk St. Petersburg, Russia Website Slides
  • 2018, May 25


    From Pen & Paper to Delightful SVG Animations

    Talk Warsaw, Poland Website
  • 2018, April 22


    Native Web Animation

    Talk Hamburg, Germany Website Video
  • 2018, March 15


    Native Web Animation

    Workshop Bergen, Norway Website