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Portrait of Lisi Linhart

Lisi works at Storyblok , remotely from Salzburg, Austria.

Lisi is a frontend engineer with a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science. Additional to her background in media technology & design, she has a passion for creating better experiences for anyone using the web.

In the past she taught several web development as well as media design classes at an university, where she got to work closely with students from different backgrounds. Since then she enjoys teaching developers and helping make the web platform better, either by running workshops at conferences or creating technical content on her blog.

If Lisi is not coding something, you will often find her doing something creative or learning something new, like creating something with wood or arduinos.



HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, React, GSAP, Node.js, WebPack, Git, WordPress, Python, D3, Mobile First Design, UX, Jamstack


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, InDesign


Media Design, Web Development, Frontend Development, Information Visualisation, Animation Workshops, Python Workshops

Getting the degree
Being Creative



Master of Science (M.Sc) in MultiMediaTechnology. A media informatics degree with a strong focus on creating a large scale web software project following best practices like testing, continuous delivery and scalability. In my masters thesis I explored the advantage of web animation in a mobile use case in Progressive Web Apps.


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Media Technology and Design. This degree was a mix between learning the basics of media design (film, animation, graphic design) and learning the basics in programming (web, software, object-oriented).



I've taught severel courses at the university. You can find out more about what classes I taught here.


I've spoken at dozens of conferences and held a few workshops, mostly with the topic web animation or python basics. You can find all conferences here.

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Teaching for the web

I enjoy learning and believe that continuous learning is the core of being a web developer. By sharing what you know, you can help others, who might struggle with a similar problem. Furthermore I'm also involved in programs that support underrepresented groups getting into IT and know a lot about the statistics that keep them from doing so.

Being a maker

Nothing is more exciting to me than trying something I have never done before. The past few months I built my own bed, created a sunrise alarm with arduinos, built a standing desk, painted an acrylic painting, illustrated various things and programmed a white noise machine.


I love reading and track my readings on Goodreads.